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vandvittigt mangler du vand er vi din leverandør af kvalitet Hvor holder vi til This peacock photo is another example of the flexible and powerful Photo handling in Web Designer.  Try some of these things with this ‘Polaroid’ style picture. • Using the Selector Tool drag it, rotate or resize it. Note how everything repels around it. • Drag and drop a replacement photo from Windows File Explorer to replace the peacock with your own.  Note how it’s automatically tinted to match the website colors. • Preview this web page and move the mouse over this picture to see the mouse-over effect. • Using the Text Tool, click in the ‘I’m rather dull’ picture caption and edit it. • Web Designer Premium includes powerful Photo-editing tools. You can adjust the brightness, color, sharpness, and more, as well as crop any picture. Try the Photo Tool to enhance your photos. Select the Camera tool from the left tool bar.   Now click on any photo and, using the controls at the top, adjust the various settings such as brightness, color, etc. The last slider control alters the blur / sharpen. Try it on the peacock picture on the left. This ‘Polaroid’ style picture is one of many photo object designs included with the full version of Web Designer. You can find it in the Design Gallery in the section Page Elements -> Photos -> Photo Objects.
My Holiday snaps Move the mouse pointer over the above thumbnail images to see an enlarged version to the left.
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